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Decide If, or When, Your Site Should Get a WebTrust Seal

What benefits are there for my company/web site to obtain a WebTrust Seal?

By displaying a WebTrust Seal on your site, you demonstrate commitment to your clients' privacy because you adhere to the Internet's highest business standards, as set by the CICA and AICPA. As a result, you gain the following benefits:

... Increase the frequency of purchases from those web site visitors/clients concerned about privacy*

... Increase the volume of purchases from those web site visitors/clients concerned about privacy*

...You also gain a unique marketing advantage - the opportunity to promote your commitment to your clients' privacy

*Privacy has been named the most important concern for online shoppers (and would-be online shoppers) every year since 1995.

How do I get a WebTrust Seal on my web site?

To obtain a WebTrust Seal on your web site, you must take three steps:

1) Contact a member of the CICA or the AICPA (or an international accounting Institute) trained and licensed to perform WebTrust audits.

2) Adhere to the global WebTrust standards.

3) Engage a WebTrust trained accounting firm to audit your adherence to the standards.

How much does WebTrust cost my company/web site?

There is no 'one' price for WebTrust. The cost varies on your ability to adhere to the WebTrust standards. Some of the factors that affect the cost to reach these standards include:

... the degree to which your business practices (e.g. around privacy) are documented

... the degree to which your business practices (e.g. around privacy) are monitored

... the appropriateness of your business technologies (e.g. around security).

Another factor is the degree to which the accounting firm you engage has a complete understanding of conducting WebTrust audits. Recently, Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants (over stiff competition), was chosen by the accounting profession in Canada to conduct the WebTrust audit of their own site.

What return on investment can my company/web site expect from the WebTrust Seal?

Your return on investment in a WebTrust Seal depends on several key factors, including:

... The importance your web site visitors/clients place on privacy

... The degree to which your web site visitors/clients recognize your efforts to protect their privacy

... The purchasing power of your web site visitors/clients

... How long your web site visitors/clients spend on your web page

LINK TO: Download the Privacy Survey Tool.

Only Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants has developed a free survey tool to help you determine your potential financial returns from a WebTrust Seal (or any initiatives designed to increase your clients' privacy) -- download this free survey tool here.


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