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Privacy With WebTrust, an enterprise can ensure that personally identifiable information obtained as a result of electronic commerce is protected as stated in its online privacy statement.

The WebTrust Program's Online Privacy standards provide a comprehensive solution for e-businesses by independently verifying a web site's compliance with privacy best practices.

WebTrust Privacy satisfies the stringent rules as set out in Canada's Privacy Protection Legislation: Bill C-6: Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (refer to this article at

The WebTrust Privacy Principle:

The entity discloses its privacy practices, complies with such privacy practices and maintains effective controls to provide reasonable assurance that personally identifiable information obtained as a result of electronic commerce is protected in conformity with its disclosed privacy practices.

The WebTrust Consumer Protection Dynamic Duo:

As a consumer, if you see the WebTrust Consumer Protection Seal, your most critical concerns are addressed. The combination of WebTrust Privacy and WebTrust Business Practices & Transaction Integrity yields the Consumer Protection Seal.

1 - Privacy:   Knowing what information the site collects, how and why it is used, and that the online merchant protects your sensitive information.

2 - Transactions:   The entity discloses its business practices, execute transactions correctly, and maintains controls to provide continuance of its practices.


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