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International Alliance of WebTrust Licensees

Welcome To All Our Colleagues!
Be sure to visit the WebTrust Alliance discussion area to get the latest buzz on industry issues and initiatives.

A Message From Robert Y. Gold, MBA, CA:

You are invited to join The International Alliance of WebTrust Licensees, the forum for WebTrust professionals and the voice of The International Alliance of WebTrust Licensees

WebTrust is the most important initiative that our profession has ever undertaken. WebTrust and our acknowledgment that an economic revolution is taking place will keep our profession relevant and critical in the success of that e-revolution.

The recognition of the WebTrust Principles and Criteria as a standard for e-commerce legislation in both the United States and Canada is a distinct possibility.

However, there has not been a central voice for the WebTrust licensees and other supporters of the initiative. Now there is.

The International Alliance of WebTrust Licensees has been organized by electronic commerce advocate members of the AICPA and CICA to advance our cause.

And that cause is simple but significant: WebTrust Principles and Criteria must be the cornerstone of any information protection legislation -- and specially trained and licensed CAs and CPAs must be given the franchise for audit and assurance of Electronic Commerce and Information Protection. Period.

The IAWTL has been organized for the benefit of all licensees, and also the online community. As a licensee or professional supporter of the WebTrust initiative we would like to consider you a member of the Alliance.

Visit our discussion forum to get a taste of what we are hoping to achieve. The forum is well organized and easy to use. You have the option of contributing to the existing topics, or starting a discussion of a WebTrust topic of interest to you.

The forum and the Alliance are both young. Like the Internet and e-commerce we are just beginning.

Join in and contribute to the growth of the most valuable assurance service that our profession can take to the next millennium.

This is also our opportunity to collectively comment on the marketing initiatives that the AICPA and CICA are undertaking on our behalf. Together we can help the profession successfully bring the WebTrust initiative into the market.

The Alliance is for the good of the accounting profession world-wide. With over 20 percent of the North American economy moving towards online activity we must take an active and aggressive role in the security and protection of information.

I look forward to reading your comments and thoughts in the Alliance discussion forum.

Robert Y. Gold, MBA, CA
Managing Partner
Bennett Gold LLP, Chartered Accountants
Toronto, Canada