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WEBTRUST SERVICES: Processing Integrity

Have you ever wondered about how a web site handles customer complaints? Or whether you'll receive your merchandise in time? Unfortunately on the Internet every site looks inviting. But what's behind the scenes?

Business transactions sent electronically to another party are susceptible to loss, duplicate processing, or the corruption of information associated with the transaction.

The WebTrust Program's Business Practices & Transaction Integrity standards provide a comprehensive solution for e-businesses by independently verifying a web site's compliance with best practices for how it handles and processes transactions.

If appropriate business practices are followed and transaction integrity controls exist, a buyer can be reasonably assured that the correct goods, in the correct quantity, at the correct price, will be received when promised.

The ability to make informed purchasing decisions is very important. A WebTrust certified site must fully disclose its business practices and procedures relating to protecting online purchases.

WebTrust Business Practices & Transaction Integrity Principle

The entity discloses its business practices for electronic commerce, executes transactions in conformity with such practices, and maintains effective controls to provide reasonable assurance that electronic commerce transactions are processed completely, accurately, and in conformity with its disclosed business practices.

The WebTrust Consumer Protection Dynamic Duo:

As a consumer, if you see the WebTrust Consumer Protection Seal, your most critical concerns are addressed. The combination of WebTrust Privacy and WebTrust Business Practices & Transaction Integrity yields the Consumer Protection Seal.

1 - Privacy:   Knowing what information the site collects, how and why it is used, and that the online merchant protects your sensitive information.

2 - Transactions:   The entity discloses its business practices, execute transactions correctly, and maintains controls to provide continuance of its practices.